Loyalty Card Discount Scheme


Customers can now earn a great discount of 33% with our new loyalty card


Get 5 Stamps and we'll take 33% off your next iPhone repair!


Just take a loyalty card and get it stamped when you get your iPhone Repaired



 Example - iphone 5s OEM Screen Repair is normally £55, with loyalty discount it's £36.85


Terms & Conditions

  1. iPhone Fixer Brighton offer this loyalty scheme for customers of our iPhone repair service.
  2. The card is exclusively valid for iPhone repairs and does not apply to any other brand or type of device.
  3. The iPhone Fixer Brighton loyalty scheme is managed and promoted by iPhone Fixer Brighton.
  4. Completed cards must be presented when the iPhone is booked in for repair. At this point the card will be verified and the discount will be applied when the iPhone is collected and payment made.
  5. Customers can start a new loyalty card after claiming their discount.
  6. Cards must be stamped by the official iPhone Fixer brand stamp. Cards which have been tampered with will be considered void, taken and destroyed.
  7. The discounts rewarded through the scheme are personal to the account holder of the iPhone Fixer Brighton repair account to which the discounts have been allocated. They cannot be transferred to any other person or account. Nor can they be sold, or traded in any way.
  8. The scheme is only intended for personal use. Discounts cannot be collected for use by a business or corporation.
  9. iPhone Fixer Brighton do not accept any liability for loyalty scheme cards that have been lost, stolen or damaged by the account owner or other parties.
  10. We reserve the right, at any time without notice, to end the scheme or decline to issue any membership to the scheme.
  11. We can take any action we believe to be appropriate if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme, including withholding discounts.
  12. We may modify the terms of the scheme in any way that we choose at any time.
  13. These terms are valid from 1st September 2017.

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